Laser Tattoo Removal

Kiss Your Regerts Goodbye

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Walking around with a tattoo that you regret can seriously bring down your self-esteem and even affect your social life. When you're ready to start fresh, turn to Regerts Ink Removal in Yardley, PA for laser tattoo removal services.

We use Astanza Trinity laser equipment that's designed to shatter ink particles deep within the skin, rendering them nearly invisible. You can feel confident knowing that this treatment is FDA-approved, and all of our technicians are certified tattoo removal professionals.

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Some people experience pain during the tattoo removal process, much like the sensation of getting the tattoo. That's why we'll start the removal process with a Zimmer Cryo 6 skin-numbing treatment to make the laser tattoo removal process more bearable.

By numbing your skin with cold air that is -30ÂșC, our expert laser technicians can remove tattoos that are...

  • Located in places when the skin is sensitive
  • Heavily colored and need extra treatment
  • Scarred or deformed because of poor care

Reach out to us today to plan your laser tattoo removal service in Yardley, PA. All services are by appointment only.